Sorting of Cigarette Packets
Year of Manufacture: 2002 / Scope of Delivery: Complete System

Returned cigarette packets must be sorted and counted for fiscal reasons. The process needs to be recorded and documented.

A sorting facility is built, which consists of a feeding station, a station for cognition and classification and a distribution station. The feeding station singularizes the cigarette packets and passes them to the cognition station. The cognition station operates with three camera systems. The first camera scans the tax stamp on the packet. For this purpose the packet is turned and twisted, until the stamp is visible. The second and third camera analyse the information on the stamp and assign the packet to a designated box. The distribution station forwards the packet to the targeted box.

The facility serves 42 boxes. The cycle time is 2.5 seconds. The relevant data for cognition and classification is stored in a database, so that the facility can be configured easily for additional or new types of packets.
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