Automation is a greater discipline that combines several technologies. These are sensor technology, electronic and mechanical engineering, information and communication technology and others. The purpose is, to disburden humans in varied ways, and to make processes more effective. More or less evident, automation has expanded into almost every area of our daily life.

We accomplish the entire process of an automation project. Task analysis, concept development, feasibility study, construction design, hardware manufacturing, software development, assembly, maintenance and repair. Following our services are shown by the levels of the automation pyramid.
0   Field Level
Sensor and Drive Technology
1   Equipment Level
PLC and Fieldbus Systems from various Manufacturers
Siemens, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, and others
2   Execution Level
HMI/SCADA Systems for Task Management and Process Control
3   Management Level
Production Planning, Production Data Acquisition and Interpretation,
Resource and Quality Management
4   Strategic Level
Managment Information Systems, ERP Interface Connection
Our automation solutions are used in many different application sectors. In discrete and continous production processes, materials handling, quality control and quality management.