Robot Application Engineering
The use of industrial robots in automation tasks is a specific sector of automation. We are active in this sector since the early 90s and have implemented a large number of projects with robots of the leading manufacturers.

According to our understanding robot application engineering includes the standard component robot, the application specific components robot tool and programming, as well as peripheral devices and the integration into an overlying control system that is required to solve the task.

The progressive development of sensors for generation and evaluation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, has greatly expanded the potential applications for robotic systems. The digital image processing increases the flexibility of an automation system and thereby permits the processing of more complex tasks.

Our robot applications are in use in the following sectors:
Burring, Cutting, Surface Treatment,
Adhesive and Sealant Application and Inspection,
Measuring and Verifying of Workpieces
Machine Operation
Loading and Unloading of Machinery and Equipment,
Automation of Manufacturing Centers,
Automation of Presses
Packaging, Stacking, Palletizing and Depalletizing
We are system partner of FANUC Robotics, but we also work with products from other major manufacturers of industrial robots.