automated Analysis of Bulk Material
LabRobots is a fully automated laboratory for the determination of moisture, color and grading of bulk material. LabRobots is a compact unit, similar to a container, which is divided into two areas. One area is accessible and contains primarily the retained sample archive. The other area is closed under operating conditions and contains the laboratory. Here reside the required analysis equipment, the sieve magazine and a six-axis robot as central operating device. Feeding and withdrawal of the sample boxes is done from outside. LabRobots can be configured variable, to meet different requirements.

Description of standard configuration:

The sample boxes are loaded to the laboratory system from outside by a conveyer. Transponders, which contain the required information for analysis and classification of the particular sample, are located at the sample boxes. The robot assembles the sieve setup according to the information on the transponder, picks up the sample box and tips the sample into the divider. The sample is portioned into two cups. One of them contains the sample for the analysis procedure, the other is for the retained sample archive. Now, color measuring and sieve analysis take place. Afterwards the particular grain sizes are weighed.

For moisture determination the sample is weighed in wet condition, dried in a heater and weighed again. Then, the sample can pass through analysis procedures as described ahead.

The entire analysis data are stored in a database and can be used arbitrary. For instance the data can be sent out fully automated via fax or e-mail. Depending on the configuration, LabRobots can handle multiple analysis operations at the same time.

Assembling the sieve setup

Filling the cups at the divider

Archiving the retained sample

Cleaning a sieve