Switch and Control Systems
Switch and control panels are the heart and brain of every technical facility. Thus, the manufacturing of switching and control systems is an essential part of automation.

Our switch and control systems division includes engineering, manufacturing, function testing, quality control and documentation. Where applicable, also assembly and installation on site.

The manufacturing process is, as far as reasonably possible, automated. Once the circuit diagram is created with a CAE system (mainly EPLAN), a CAM software is used to make the layout and routing of the wiring. The resulting information is passed to a production center, consisting of a boring and milling machine, a cutting machine for conduits and mounting rails and a machine for cable assembly. Mounting panels and cabinet parts are automatically drilled, milled and threaded. Condiuts and mounting rails are cut to length project-specific and the necessary wires are automatically cut, fitted with ferrules and clearly labeled. Assembly, that means mounting of the devices and wiring, is done by hand.

Each section of the manufacturing process is designed so that a consistently high quality of our switch and control systems is assured. This applies to single unit production as well as for series production.

The scope of our services is mutable. From the complete extent including engineering, manufacturing, assembly, installation and additional programming and start-up, to the use of a single part, such as manufacturing as an "outsourced workbench", every gradation is possible.

Switch and control systems that we manufacture according to UL 508A standard are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and can be delivered with UL mark for US and Canada.