Deburring of Exhaust Manifolds
Year of Manufacture: 2004 / Scope of Delivery: Complete System

Exhaust manifolds made of high-temperature resistant cast iron, are face milled and drilled at the connecting flanges. Afterwards the contours must be deburred. The deburring is to be done with a robot system.

A robot cell is designed, which accomplishes the processing of the cast parts completely. The parts are fed to the cell via a magazine. The robot grabs an exhaust manifold and first makes an optical continuity test of the particular pipes of the part. If the continuity test fails, because of dirt or faulty casting for instance, the part is rejected. If the test is passed, the small drillings are deburred with a countersink and the contours with a milling cutter. Then the part is stored into a mesh box pallet. The exhaust manifolds are stored in layers. If a layer is completed, an intermediate floor is taken from a storage and inserted into the mesh box pallet. For this purpose the robot uses a vacuum gripping tool. The robot cell has a capacity of more than 50 parts per hour including the time for palletizing.

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